Change Log

BI = backward incompatible change


  • BI: To support changes to render_to_string in Django 1.10 and above, your notice full.txt and short.txt plain text templates must now be autoescaped explicitly using the {% autoescape %} tag. (#68)


  • initial support for Django 1.10


  • fix compatability with Django migrations


  • add Django migrations


  • renamed app as pinax-notifications
  • added the ability to override NoticeSetting model
  • added documentation on scoping notifications


  • fixed a deprecation warning


  • added Russian locale
  • added travis integration for tests/lints
  • added created_notice_type wrapper
  • cleaned up some small bugs identified by pylint


  • removed unused module
  • removed captureas templatetag
  • added notice_settings.html template
  • other minor fixes and tweaks, mostly to code style


  • pluggable backends


  • BI: renamed Notice.user to Notice.recipient
  • BI: renamed {{ user }} context variable in notification templates to {{ recipient }}
  • BI: added nullable Notice.sender and modified send_now and queue to take an optional sender
  • added received and sent methods taking a User instance to Notice.objects
  • New default behavior: single notice view now marks unseen notices as seen
  • no longer optionally depend on mailer; use django.core.mail.send_mail and we now encourge use of Django 1.2+ for mailer support
  • notifications are not sent to inactive users
  • users which do not exist when sending notification are now ignored
  • BI: split settings part of notices view to its own view notice_settings


  • added support for DEFAULT_HTTP_PROTOCOL allowing https absolute URLs